Cluster Link: A Slot Overview of Old-Fashioned Tapes

Even if technology may be used for both good and evil, some of the latest innovations are still very cool to check out. Here’s an example. Suppose you’re perusing a magazine and come across an album review that really grabs your attention. You can get the band’s whole discography on your phone with only a few clicks of your thumb. Not very long ago, this method would have been unfathomable. In the past, one alternative was to visit a record store and buy a rectangular item known then as a “cassette tape.” This tape could then be played in a stereo or Walkman, transferring the information from the tape to the listener’s ears.

Push Gaming’s online slot Retro Tapes Cluster Link takes players back to this analog era, diverging in some respects from the genre-defining success of games like Jammin’ Jars and its sequel. Like its forerunners, Retro Tapes is an intriguing cluster-paying grid slot. The studio has implemented a thumping 80s vintage track, an equaliser-style background, and a slew of cassettes to represent the retro feel. Wild Tapes, Wild Multipliers, Coins, and Magnets join the standard pay symbols of tapes on the game’s 6-column, 9-row grid. The game has the vibe of Jammin’ Jars, albeit the music is more reminiscent of 1980s synth-styles than hip-shaking disco.

Retro Tapes Cluster Link, despite its larger-than-average grid, may be played on any device. The first step is to decide how much money you want to spend on each gaming round. When at least five identical symbols fall in a row, either vertically or horizontally, they constitute a cluster win. There are 54 symbols total in the standard game. Based on this information, a highly unpredictable mathematical model calculates a default return to player value of 96.47%.

Push Gaming has animated the standard pay symbols, which are comprised of six distinct colored tapes, to give the impression that they are alive and peering out at you. Clusters of five symbols in any of the colors grey, blue, green, pink, orange, or red pay out at a rate of 0.1 to 2 times the wager, with larger clusters of 20 or more symbols paying out at a rate of 5 to 1,000 times the wager. The mechanism of cascading victories eliminates winning clusters from the grid when they are produced. As empty spaces are filled by falling symbols, the clustering mechanism might restart.

Clustering Features for Slots in Old Tapes

Wild Tape symbols, Wild Multiplier symbols, Instant Prize symbols, a Magnet function, and a Top Charts feature all add to the depth of the Retro Tapes Cluster Link game.

Insane Symbol on Tape

The Wild Tape icon is a wild that can replace any other icon aside from Magnets and Wild Multipliers. There is a multiplier associated with each Wild Tape, beginning at x1. When a Wild Tape contributes to a victory, the multiplier on that Tape is increased by 1, and it remains in place until the following game round rather than being eliminated by the cascade mechanism.

An Unconstrained Multiplier

Wild Multipliers, shaped like stars, may be found in either the regular game or the Top Charts mode. All visible Wild Tapes will receive the multiplier value from the Wild Multiplier symbol, which will then change into an Instant Prize sign. A 1, 2, 3, or 5x Wild Multiplier may appear.

Signs for Instant Rewards

Multipliers of 1, 2, 5, 10, 25, 50, 100, 250, 500, and 1,000 can be found among the Instant Prize icons. Instant Prizes are paid out in groups of five or more matching symbols.

Magnetic Attraction

The Magnet icon rounds off the Retro Tapes Cluster Link glyph set. When magnets fall, they choose a random sort of pay sign and then pull the rest of the symbols to cluster around it, creating a win. Alternatively, a cluster of at least four visible Instant Prize symbols can be drawn by a Magnet. After attracting a winning combination of pay symbols or Instant Prize symbols, the Magnet will change into another of the same kind of pay symbol or an Instant Prize symbol with a random value.

The Best of the Charts

The Top Charts bonus round is activated once three or more Wild Tape symbols appear on the screen. The number of free games you receive depends on how many Wild Tapes you land (3, 4, 5, or 6). When triggered, the Wild Tape symbols and Instant Prizes on the board will remain firmly planted in their original locations during the extra game. Each open slot in the theater will randomly land a:

Any new Wild Tape that appears triggers two more free games in addition to what they normally do.

Symbol of the Wild Multiplier

Instant-win game logo

The magnet icon draws Instant Prizes to the highlighted area of the grid.

The Extra Spins icon can trigger one or two more free games, after which it will change into an Instant Prize.

The sign for a blank tape has no meaning and won’t stay in place.

Once an Instant Prize symbol lands, it will stay there until the feature expires, at which point any wins will be calculated. When this happens, all available slots are taken.

Cluster of Old-Fashioned Tapes Slot’s Decision

Retro Tapes Cluster Link might be seen as a natural progression from the popular slot game Jammin’ Jars and its less popular sequel, Jammin’ Jars 2. However, once you’ve entered the realm of retro cassette tapes, you’ll start to notice the changes, and Retro Tapes Cluster Link really does provide a unique gaming experience. However, there are parallels as well. Mechanics is one area where progress may be excruciatingly slow. To withstand what might be a full-frontal attack from those deceptively innocuous-looking but possibly hostile cassettes, it may pay to prepare oneself with copious lashings of fortitude, patience, and thick skin. Unlike Cluster Tumble, Retro Tapes Cluster Link didn’t have an abundance of extended cascading victory chains. Shorter, crisper, and more to the point than I had expected.

The game has the potential to be extremely dramatic, while having its share of dead spins. The frequency with which magnets attracted symbols was moderate, the frequency with which coin symbols stacked winnings, and the frequency with which wild multipliers boosted wins. Throughout the course of the session, they rarely added up to much, giving the feeling that it was all or nothing. In a similar vein, the hold ‘n win aspect present in the bonus round does not reset the spin count when fresh symbols reach the board during the bonus round. The goal is to form as many clusters as possible consisting of instant reward symbols, ideally in close proximity to a multiplier or multipliers. In other words, it’s more similar to Jammin’ Jars 2 and has nothing to do with the original’s jumping progressive multiplier wilds. The potential is reasonable, coming in at 10,000 times the initial investment. If you’re a numbers person, you should know that the odds of winning the grand prize are 1 in 1,248,439.

Although Retro Tapes Cluster Link did not instantly endear its players the way that games like Jammin’ Jars did, the proper gamer will find a lot to like in its combination of numbers, volatility, entertaining atmosphere, features, and flow. When all is considered, this is a great alternative for people who enjoy playing slots with a grid that pays out in clusters.






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