Gus Hansen Poker Strategy

Gus let get games pc online Hansen used to be known for his astounding live competition results. He won a WSOP arm band in a no-restriction hold’em hot shot heads-up competition, he brought down 2007 Aussie Millions headliner and he likewise has three WPT titles to his name. Gus has more than $10,000,000 in competition rewards which puts him somewhere near the Best 50 on the unsurpassed cash list.

Notwithstanding, in the new years, Hansen became notorious for his unfortunate high stakes online outcomes. With more than $20,000,000 in misfortunes, he’s apparently one of the most disastrous web-based poker players throughout the entire existence of the game. Therefore, it’s exceptionally simple to excuse him as a player, however we ought not be too fast in doing as such.

Hansen, first of all, was one of the trailblazers of the cutting edge free forceful play style, he likewise has a demonstrated history as a victor in the live poker climate and he was fruitful enough that – in opposition to the most poker players out there – he had those 20 million bucks to lose.

Rather than zeroing in on Hansen’s web-based history how about we check out at a portion of the hands from his live poker days.
Messing around

For a person who should be a horrendous money game player, Gus showed a ton of involvement in the profound stack cash design in this little hand from the fifth time of High Stakes Poker. His preflop call with 63o could appear to be horribly free to the vast majority, however problematic hand determination is an essential piece of free forceful play style in a live poker setting.

Plus, Gus had extraordinary chances to join the hand given the family pot that shaped before him. Regardless of whether we consider the way that adjusting isn’t the very most significant thing in a 5-manner pot, it was as yet right of Gus to look at the lemon of position on such a dry board surface with his last two sets.

Notwithstanding, when the lemon got checked around Gus terminated the turn that offered a lot of draws of real value and his game sense was sufficient to see a productive bet/3bet line against Hoivold.
Winning Against the Best of Them

A person that lost 20 million online ought not be ready to stand his ground against any semblance of Phil Ivey right? But this is precisely exact thing we can see in this next hand. Gus began with a limp which with regards to an internet game may be viewed as a solely terrible play, yet in the event that you have any semblance of Phil Ivey or Andrew Feldman sitting behind you imaginative preflop play can turn into a need. On the lemon, Hansen chose to utilize his value to battle for the dead cash in the center as opposed to depending on his peripheral standoff esteem in a multi-way pot.

We can obviously see the force of that choice given how he made Allen Cunningham crease the best hand. The turn was really clear for Gus and significantly less so for Phil. Ivey had a long history with Hansen, he understood that after a preflop limp the hands like QQ or 99 are to some degree probably not going to be in Hansen’s reach and he likewise impeded KQ or even the hands Gus might’ve used to feign with like KT/KJ and so forth.

This made it a genuinely decent spot for twofold float followed by a waterway raise and the way that Gus had the option to see through all that was extremely noteworthy.
Going Aggro

This little accumulation of clasps shows precisely exact thing sort of player Gus Hansen was in live poker games. In the hand number one – very much like in the wide range of various hands portrayed above – Hansen began with an unconventional and free preflop choice followed by some constant hostility.

Considering that Gus in all likelihood had an edge in greater part of live poker setups he could pull off those problematic preflop activities and compensate for them with his post flop advantage, which is unequivocally what he did by lead twofold barreling on a board that he hindered a large portion of the sensible premium hands on (AQ, AJ, AK and so on.).

In the hand number two, Gus made one more out of position call that he circled back to post flop animosity. Once more, rather than depending on the negligible standoff worth of his hand he chose to proactively utilize his value. The most intriguing piece of the hand was the turn “stop and go” play that was almost certainly brought about by the board surface that Hansen expected continuous floats on.

His expectation ended up being perfect as he scooped a pleasant pot with his feign turn check/raise play.
Soul Peruser

The last hand that we will examine may be the justification for the huge inconsistency between Hansen’s live and online outcomes. Large numbers outdated players neglect to progress to the web-based climate since they depend such a great amount on the live table peruses that aren’t accessible to them in web games. Gus has three WPT titles to his name which is very great and obviously shows that he understand what he was doing in those competitions, but his all-in call with ten high against Esfandiari would’ve been basically reprehensible in the web-based setting.






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